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Abram was named Abraham and his wife Sarai, Sarah.  Jacob became Israel.  Saul… Paul.  Who am I really? Am I the name given me by my parents?  Or have I been redefined?  What would it take to be defined?  The ideal career?  Fame?  The ideal body?  The ideal boyfriend… husband?  More money, more friends, more education, more power, more prowess, more readers, more hair product?  More, more, more.

Christ asked his disciples, “Who do men say that I am?”  They all had their answers.  They knew what the world was saying about Him; they knew the possibilities of who He might be.  In any case, they knew He was much more than Mary and Joseph’s first-born, but Simon, he knew exactly who Jesus was. “You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God!”  And what was Christ’s response? (My own paraphrase) “Simon! Yeah man! Thank you for not listening to the people and voices around you!  You obviously are paying attention because only my Father could have told you who I really am, and because you really know who I am, I’ll tell you who you really are!”  He gave Simon the name Peter, Rock.  What a cool name!  “Um, people are gonna call you Rock from now on, hope that’s cool with you.”  With this name he changed Simon’s life forever.  Christ transformed this fisherman into the foundation of His bride, the church.  He took a man with a solid career, steady income, and secure future and turned his life inside-out.  Peter would travel, perform miracles, walk on water, be a founder of a theological revolution, witness the risen Christ, be imprisoned, be guided out of prison by an angel, see visions, speak in tongues, and be crucified upside-down, considering himself unworthy to die in the same manner as the Lord.  He would know God.

All this did not begin with Simon knowing who he was; it began with Simon knowing who Christ was.

Oh, Lord I want to know You!  Teach me, show me who You are.  Who I am is entirely up to You.



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